Work out of the day may be the killer of a cross fit exercise outfit

Work out of the day may be the killer of a cross fit exercise outfit

While there is all the hype about the work out of the day in cross fit, there is a possibility that this program is likely to be the last nail on the coffin of the cross fit excercise program. Work out of the day as is known is mainly used in cross fit. However, the other exercise programs have also adopted its use.

In the past, people had to attend the gym to b e attended to with several coaches. This was an opportunity for the trained coaches to be able to showcase the different skills they had. Getting a franchise attracted a fee which would be later recovered from the several registrations into the cross fit box.

With the free access of the work out of the day program online, the number of people attending the cross fit boxes have drastically reduced. The reduction in the box visitors do not augur well for the revenues which were the mainstay of these boxes.

However, the is a darker side to the opening up of the access of this vital resource, the influx of dubious coaches and quacks claiming to have the capacity to implement the cross fit exercise model has been on the rise. This save from the several individuals who are receiving the work out of the day plans but do not carry them out.

The intensity of cross fit is thus being put to naught by the overall deviations. This has left the exercise program to be exposed to a lot of danger. In addition, the rising number of online users will be likely to overwhelm Greg and his team with no capacity to follow up on their overall progresses. While the men looked fantastic, I could realize that the women looked pathetic. Stopping cross fit therefore was necessitated by these diverse factors. Though I love it, I now do only some little exercise which does not pose any danger to me.

Work out of the day has a darker side to cross fit. More needs to b e done to increase more box attendances especially for those who have essentially registered as affiliates. Without this, there is likelihood that this will spell the death of this rather enterprising exercise model which promises income generation and employment.

Why cross fit is the best

Why cross fit is the best

I have come to realize that the several diverse exercise routines in the market differ both in scope and use. The uses of the other exercise routines however have not picked a lot of momentum which the way cross fit has been able to. The major reason is that the benefit of using cross fit has always stood out.

The good side of cross fit has been made more pronounced by its high profile use. Some of the reasons why this exercise method is the best are because of the following;

Plan- unlike most of the exercise methods which lack in plan, the cross fit exercise program, has the workout of the day (WOD) plan. This is known to bring a well formulated action plan which can be relied on to give the trainee maximum results. The enchanting thing with the planning is that it is a timed process.

Cross fit is result oriented- looking at cross fit exercise program, the result delivery function is an element given a lot of prominence. The drafters of the exercise plan had several issues to do with fitness which had to be met.

Cross fit is intense- the only exercise routine that can be able to satisfy the physical needs of any individual is the cross fit exercise program. The other known exercise routines usually do not deliver the results seen in cross fit. Moreover, the cross fit results are known to have longer effects than the other exercise.

It is the only exercise program with wide acclaim- looking at the other fitness programs; you will agree with me that the cross fit exercise program is the only one with wide recommendation. In addition to the recommendation for its user in the United States military, the cross fit program has recommendation from the American fitness board.

It is for the above reasons and others that the exercise fitness is rated as the best. This does not exempt it from the wide criticism it has received in the past. Looking at it, the diverse exercise programs will rate differently depending on the life changing effect on its users.

What is involved in cross fit routine?

What is involved in cross fit routine?

The intensity of the cross fit routine is usually well appreciated by those who have gone through it. It is in most cases based on a high level of strength conditioning. Cross fit is a well orchestrated exercise program with a clearly set exercise which revolve around aerobics, gymnastic and other Olympic oriented exercises.

The nature of what goes on in the cross fit routine can be well enumerated by the cross fit incorporated website where they state that “ it is a constantly varied and functional  movement which is in most cases executed at very high intensity levels with well set brad, moderated and clear time lines”

What does cross fit aim to achieve?

Most of the general aims of cross fit are usually summarized as;

      Achievement of improved body fitness levels.

      Body discipline which can be achieved through clear body building capacities based on time.

To achieve the aims, the cross fit exercise affiliates are taken through what is in most cases described as gyms which has well built warm up areas, skill development sections and the ultimate area called the work out of the day (WOD) area where the real cross fit exercise takes place.

Within the work out of the day segment, the individuals in question are taken through several areas of stamina development. To encourage the individual to perform, the coach usually checks each stage of improvement against the next affiliate to monitor progress.

The skill development areas in most cross fit gyms have the best facilities. The final are in the gym is the area where all the affiliates are usually grouped together to be able to stretch around. By this, the cross fit exercise affiliates get to air themselves out.

But what is worth noting is that each cross fit gym is made to accommodate the diverse fitness requirements. That is why most of the fitness equipments you find here will include the kettle bells, dumbbells and barbells. Others include rowers, jump ropes and yoga mats for those who are into meditative exercise routines.

In general, the cross fit exercise is usually regarded as a deliberate program  that is meant to try to bring out the physical fitness levels of cardiovascular , respiratory, strength, flexibility, power, speed, stamina, coordination, agility, balance and high accuracy, according to the words of its founder.


The (WOD) drive, the only application you need for cross fit

The (WOD) drive, the only application you need for cross fit

Cross fit enthusiasts have never gotten something worth their salt. Given the manner in which the workout of the day routines is supposed to be given for those doing the intensive cross fit, it is imperative to have it at your finger tips.

The WODdrive is the bomb. It is the ultimate Alfa and omega to the problem of having to log online all the time you need the cross fit schedule assigned at the workout of the day. This application which used to be known as the work out of the day (WOD) shop has undergone metamorphosis.

With its unique feature, you are sure to be within the cross fit fitness programs at the beck and call of your phone. Most of the activities it covers include the power lifting, Olympic athletic activities, kettle bells, indoor rowing activities, swimming and bodyweight circuits’ just but to name a few.

The WODdrive has a unique template which is meant to offer the cross fit trainee whether you have just been initiated into the program or a continuing person.

How it works

By simply clicking on launching the WOD drive application, the user gets to have a clear area with several test areas ranging from the specific areas covered by the cross fit fitness training to the specific games like the swimming.

The application has over 23 choices to make; choosing one is bound to take the user to the work out of the day column. This application however needs to be run and the relevant details of the one in the cross fit program fed.

Because of the efficient and clear interface, the drive is the best thing that ever happened to the area of exercise, it has made cross fit more simpler while increasing its coverage. However, for those who are not internet savvy, this may seem to be a tall order which may ion turn cause a slump in the training schedules.

If you know you are into cross fit and getting your work out of the day has been a challenge, then this is definitely for you, try it on your phone, you are going to like it.




The regulatory frame work of cross fit

The regulatory frame work of cross fit

Governments have not been seen flexing a lot of their regulatory power on cross fit as an enterprise. Apart from the legal angles and the diverse health safety rules, the cross fit franchise is an independent outfit. But because of the diversity and nature of the exercise routine, most of the frameworks border on the manner in which the exercises need to be carried out.

It was against this backdrop that the work out of the day (WOD) schedules were made to be able to provide targeted, time yet well formulated exercises. The cross fit exercise routine bases its trust on the coach who is in most cases expected to work on the core values;

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • And knowledge

The area of professional conduct has to come in given that the box is an area where human beings are. It is not to be expected that the coach would develop some sexual attachment with the trainees within or without the precincts because this would likely affect exercise.

Integrity involves upholding the best social values in the process of training and one is not expected to engage in social evils. The drive for money is not to be the sole reason why the gym is set up. In addition, the knowledge aspect is quite vital if one is to own a franchise. No franchise holder should be untrained and should posses the relevant certifications.

Cross fit goes ahead and regulate the nature of its affiliate business. This is a cushion against over flooding the market with low rated boxes which do not provide the relevant cross fit exercise skits. This area has to be regulated based on an incident in which an individual got injuries arising from being handled by some untrained franchise holder. It attracted huge litigations and a cost had to be paid by the coach. Though the downsides of the cross fit exercise are there, it is only good to go for a cautious approach when going for any of its work out of the day programs. Because of its ability to cut weight faster, the benefits of this training will be quite visible.

The fear of injury while going through cross fit has been the major pull for the process of any cross fit regulation. The exercises as described portend greater risk on the trainee and so the environment has to be made conducive.

The important areas on the body where cross fit may be essential

The important areas on the body where cross fit may be essential

As the name suggests, this is an exercise routine across the whole body spectrum. Cross fit has performed wonderfully well in all aspects to do with the body physique. However in most exercise training modules, you may realize that there are areas targeted by exercise. Cross fit is thus not an exception.

The work out of the day is usually made available when one has been carefully assessed and seen to have certain unique areas where fitness is required. The work out of the day in cross fit therefore usually target specific part of the body albeit with different exercise timelines. Some of the notable area of a cross fit exercise will be;

The chest- this area has been given much time with most of the cross fit exercise methods like the filthy 50 just working on it. Conducting some of the cross fit exercises require overall body fitness which is why it is timely and targeted affair.

Arms – it is also targeted in most of the exercise routines known in the market. The main aim is developing a good bicep and triceps as a result.

The elbow- if the bone and joint stamina are not cared for, the athlete is considered weak and lacks endurance. It is for this matter that most cross fit exercises are known for their brutality in working on the joints.

Knees- one has the questioning look of the importance of dividing the work out of the day to specific targeted body areas. The relevance is that the cross fit is a holistic body exercise with the ability to bring out the most fundamental shapes in all aspects. The knees are worked on for their flexibility and agility.

Legs- the other area of focus is building a strong base at the legs. It is not lost that the leg is what aids an individual while standing to perform the other exercise routine. So it is usually the first area to target in any fitness schedule.

Cross fit exercise therefore works on the whole athlete’s body. The result is usually an individual with the best fitness rates not comparable to any. It is no wonder that there are so many Olympians using cross fit.

The cross fit newsletter, where the whole action is!

The cross fit newsletter, where the whole action is!

As an endurance sport whose profile is gaining credence and publicity each day, nothing could be better placed to trumpet the cross fit cause like the newsletter. Most people have always heard of the cross fit online and may need to get to know the whole philosophy.

The cross fit newsletter has several segments which are well enumerated all with the same aim, passing the gospel of endurance exercise. The major area where the cross fit idea is basically put explicitly is in the ‘about us’ area. With lots of skillful mastery, the whole aim and aspirations of the founders of the cross fit program is all laid bare.

Going about the newsletter, don’t fail to look at the area with several scheduled seminars. These are usually set at different dates to be able to update the affiliates on the progress of the endurance training in the several areas. The seminars are also divided in the several skill areas to avoid duplication.

You will be interested at looking at the several sports aspects covered within the cross fit endurance program. It is amazing that the design of the newsletter takes you through the different stages of how you can begin the endurance training in the several prescribed skill areas.

The cross fit is a progress based training and having something like this guide-

      If you are a Swimmer: Start with 10 x 50m intervals.

      Those who are into Rowing: Start with 8 X 500m intervals.

      Finally Rucking sport: Start with a light ruck (25 in number).

      If you are a Runner: Start with 8 x 200m intervals.

      For the Bike riders: Start with 8-10 x 1/4-mile intervals.


The above and the well developed “how to” guidelines on the newsletter is just amazing!

Cross fit news letter has a section for bloggers to air out their opinions. Here, you are bound to see positive and negative criticism as well as varied opinions meant to help move the program forward.

If you are new on the newsletter page, you are encouraged to get the contact of the program founder and make do by contacting them, your idea could be what was missing on the newsletter.

The cross fit affiliate program

The cross fit affiliate program

Since the cross fit idea was an idea from some business family, the demand for the development of the cross fit gyms has been growing globally. It is thus that the business license under the cross fit incorporated license has been put through a franchise system.

All the he crops fit gyms are expected to get this franchise license through a fee. However, the crops fit incorporated under the stewardship of the founder who is now the exclusive owner of the franchise, after a painful divorce. They are known to retain the ability to certify all the franchise trainers globally.

Most of the cross fit affiliates are usually taken through training and seminars which later make them qualified for the award of a cross fit certificate for trainers. It is worth noting that in diversity, cross fit thrives, so it has several trainings targeting areas like running and endurance, weightlifting, rowing mobility and even body fitness recovery as envisaged in the cross fit manual by Greg.

Special groups

The cross fit program is also designed to be able to take into account several physical interest groups like pregnant women, cross fit for kids and cross fit for football players. All those who have been taken into the franchise are usually given the free hand of having to develop unique programs, price ranges and the unique instructions that they are bound to use.


The franchise however follows most of the cross fit incorporated journal which overall cover the aim of the cross fit exercise routine. In this way, there is a feeling of ownership developed by those who are within the system. Cross fit goes against the known convectional exercise wisdom and so is involved in trying out what may seem to be out of the box. This added to the attitude in which the cross fit is promoted as the ultimate exercise routine make it assume the holier than thou pedestal among the rest of the exercise programs. It opens it up for closer scrutiny.

The business is thus a franchise, a community ownership program with deep binding between the affiliates. It is like an open source system which will allow innovation sand happiness never seen in most exercise models used in the world. For this, it is in most cases the envy of its several competitors.


Some of the known cross fit exercises

Some of the known cross fit exercises

Looking at the specific goals of the cross fit exercise module, you will be able to see clearly that this fitness module has endurance, stamina and good physical self at the core. However, there are 10 areas which the cross fit exercises aim to cover within any given work out of the day (WOD) schedule, these are;

ü  The aspect of stamina,

ü  Bodily and mental strength,

ü  Muscular  flexibility

ü  The key are of cardiovascular and respiratory endurance.

ü  The overall body and spiritual agility.

ü  The mental and physical balance.

ü  The overall are of accuracy

ü  Physical, mental and emotional power.

ü  The mental and physical speed.

ü  The area of mental, physical, emotional coordination.

The mere look at the diverse areas will give you the idea that cross fit exercises are divers. Some of the exercises known in practice are;

ü  Box jumps- like it is called, it involves jumping onto a box. The main aim is develop better stride as you thrust up to fall into the box.

ü  Kettle bell swings- this is a muscular exercise meant to build stamina in a given individual. Most of the times, the swings are well coordinated to be able to achieve more.

ü  Toes to bars- the toes to bars exercise is basically targeted at achieving endurance. This is also aimed at building a strong physical body which is safe from injuries. The individual is usually at a hanging position with an aim of raising the toes to the bar.

ü  Air squarts- this is a physical process aimed at forming posture. The aim is to align the knee in its right shape so as to avoid difficulty in running. It saves so much from injuries.

ü  Double under- the jumping rope routine is a common practice especially when undertaking light exercise. However, to break from the norm, the cross fit exercise regime makes it part of the work out of the day exercise. The intense manner in which it is done is what makes the difference.

Looking at these and several other exercises, it is clear that the cross fit exercise is a wide area. Within the work out of the day (WOD), an individual is assigned several skits involving hundreds of activities


Is Rhabdomyolysis associated with cross fit?

Is Rhabdomyolysis associated with cross fit?

While this is seen as among the most effective exercise programs that ever happened in the world, it has equally attracted very close scrutiny. Several healthcare care specialists have in the past and of recent expressed deep reservations on its use. The level of spine injuries noted among those in the cross fit program was noted to be quite appalling.

One condition has been highly noted to happen among the cross fit affiliates, rhabdomyolysis which is just a certain occurrence in which there is a certain level of muscular breakdown. This is further aggravated when these muscles release the myoglobin. Because of the muscle nature, when the myoglobins reach the kidney, the process of elimination becomes hectic causing grave kidney damage.

What are the causes?

Rhabdomyolysis may be caused by some of the following;

  • Genetic muscle diseases
  • Extremes of body temperature
  • Lengthy surgical procedures
  • Severe dehydration
  • Ischemia or death of muscle tissue
  • Low phosphate levels
  • Trauma or crush injuries
  • Use of enhancement drugs
  • muscle tremors
  • Severe exertion, such as marathon running or calisthenics

Cases like high temperatures, use if drugs, crush injuries and severe exertion are all too common in the course of cross fit exercise programs. It is thus notable that injuries are prone to happen in the cause of cross fit.

This is supported by most sports medicine specialists who are of the opinion that there is no way one can perform the cross fit exercise routine without injury. This is not exclusive to whether you are a specialist.

Be it as it may, the benefits of cross fit outweigh the risk though if it happens has proven to be quite grave with some legal redress resulting into damages being paid. The secret in this has to procure the use of certified coaches who understand the body physiology and can thus recommend an exercise routine of each individual according to the fitness requirements. The increased number of cross fit gyms is also a pointer to only one thing, that the program is gaining acceptance in many countries. The new upsurge for methods to eliminate weight will also be an area where this will come handy, because it’s the best fat elimination program ever tried in history.

So if you notice joint pains, fatigue seizures and some unintentional weight gains in anyone undergoing cross fit, this could be assign of Rhabdomyolysis, it is time to get a medical opinion to safeguard the individual from the risk of further